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REALTOR Jason Riggs Joins Green Coast Realty

By David Schmit:

Veteran REALTOR Jason Riggs’ excitement is palpable. Sitting at a table in Laurel Street Bakery, Riggs is discussing his new job with Green Coast Realty, and you can feel his energy rising when he talks about the opportunity.

“There’s so much to learn and I can learn it from these people,” Riggs says.

Jason Riggs

Riggs brings many years of experience as a REALTOR, specializing in bank owned foreclosure properties, first time homebuyers, and historic tax credit property investments. His expertise with the credits has translated into his consulting firm, Historic Pro NOLA, which navigates clients through the entire process of acquiring the credits, both federal and state, which can offset up to 40 percent of the eligible costs for historic renovations.

“I’ve used tax credits for my own development projects and assisted clients with using them too, and they can be the difference maker on the financing side for sustainably renovating a historic but blighted property,” Riggs says. “Without the benefits of historic tax credits many of these projects are not financially feasible.”

Riggs’ enthusiasm also stems from the Green Coast Realty agent/developer model that allows agents to focus part of their practice on commercial and residential real estate development, using resources and the brain trust from parent company, Green Coast.

“As a developer, I’m scaling up and I want to be around like-minded people,” Riggs says. “It will be incredibly valuable to discuss a project and find out how I can make it the best possible project from an individual block perspective, neighborhood perspective and sustainability perspective.”

This fits in with Green Coast’s triple bottom line approach—planet, people, profit—and Riggs has taken that type of approach on all of his projects, ensuring a renovated property accounts for the environment, the community and is economically viable.

On the realty side, Riggs’ experience as a developer and tax credit expert makes him a very strong agent for those looking for investment property, because he can quickly determine a property’s maximum income potential. For first time homebuyers, he’s very aware of what neighborhoods are trending upwards and what houses are affordable and desirable.

“In real estate, you’re always learning,” Riggs says. “Working with Green Coast Realty is going to make me a better developer, and it’s going make me a better overall agent.”

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